Tips for The Prevention and Treatment Of Common Oral Health Issues

Tips for The Prevention and Treatment Of Common Oral Health Issues

Oral health is important. Without it, we can fall victim to a plethora of problems including a diminished social life and seemingly unrelated health problems.

There are a number of common oral health problems that you should know about. So, here is a comprehensive list of common oral health problems, how to prevent them, and how they are treated.


The nerves in teeth are covered with a protective layer of dentin. Dentin can become exposed due to age, gum disease, excess brushing, and over the counter tooth whitening agents.

When this happens, the teeth can become sensitive to temperature, sweets, and acidic foods, as the channels that dentin sits in are connected to the inside of the tooth – the pulp, which is where the nerves are.

Tooth sensitivity can be prevented by maintaining a regular oral hygiene routine that consists of tooth brushing with a soft bristled brush, flossing, and cutting back on sugary foods.

Once sensitivity has taken hold, however, a visit to the dentist will be required.

 Tooth Decay

Plaque formation on teeth causes the production of acid. These acids, which are sticky, stick to tooth enamel and attack the teeth.

When plaque isn’t removed, it can damage the tooth, leading to a condition known as tooth decay. Tooth decay is most commonly known by the presence of cavities.

Brushing and flossing is the easiest way to prevent tooth decay. Using fluoride toothpaste is highly recommended as well. If a cavity forms, see your dentist for a filling or a crown if the cavity is large enough to warrant such a treatment.


Sores can appear anywhere in the mouth. They can range in severity from mildly annoying to nearly debilitating and commonly  form as a result of cheek biting and, more seriously, oral cancer.

Canker sores are the most common sores and can be caused by stress, hormone changes, a weak immune system, and lacking B12/iron.

Prevention depends on the type of sore. Sores caused by biting the cheek or tongue can be avoided by chewing more slowly, while reducing stress can help prevent canker sores.

Treatment can include over the counter and prescription medication, dietary changes, and icing the sore area.

Sores that don’t go away within a few weeks and/or that start to piss should be checked by a dentist or doctor immediately.

Tooth discoloration

Yellowing of the teeth -tooth discoloration- is what happens when they teeth become stained. Causes include smoking, diet, aging, medications, and plaque buildup.

Preventing tooth discoloration isn’t always possible, however, not smoking and frequently brushing the teeth to remove plaque and other residue can be helpful.

Treatment is best left for dentists, although, there are a variety of over the counter whitening products that can be used at home to treat discoloration. Veneers are also an option, as are home remedies such as baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

The latter, though, seems to have varying results and shouldn’t be used exclusively as their effects are minimal at best.



A healthy mouth is a sign of a healthy being. It says a lot about a person. Oral health is connected to every piece of our lives but it is every so often on our least prioritized list or taken for granted. As they say, experts suggest that our mouth is the window into our body’s health, since it can show whether our body lacks certain nutrients and can show signs of infection.

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Some diseases can be indicated first in the form of the presence of lesions in the mouth. On the other hand, is it not alarming to see that a simple gum disease can be associated with bad organs and failures in your body? These are just some of the indicators that you might have with this disease: stroke, diabetes, bacterial pneumonia, and heart disease. If worse comes to worst, you might have a periodontal disease which can be interlinked or have relation with this kind of simple disease. It just proves that our oral health is a reflection of our overall body condition.

dental careTaking care of our oral health is also important to serve its main purpose- for us to be able to help ourselves eat. The least ache we want to feel is toothache. It affects our mood in every way possible because of its unbearable feeling and the common effect of discomfort. With this, we may not be able to perform best on our work and on our chosen profession. Take for example the information technology specialists, administrators, developers, analysts, and everyone in the IT field, who mainly deal with technology. It is very important to take care of oral health to work efficiently for a just, developing, emergent, and fast phasing world.

Our society has been often tagged today as the “New Technological Era.” This era is now the new media age and computer age. The paradigm shift from a backwards society turning into a digital age has been so quick and can be easily observed nowadays. This is now the period in human history from traditional industry that evolved into an Industrial Age which furthers the progress and development in the world today.

dental careThe onset of the Information Age is a reflection of how advances the technology is nowadays. The definition of what progress and development continues to change over a period of time as new various gadgets and devices improve from day to day and year after year. Every day, we are up for technological development and with this, we need the Information Technology experts. So we really have to promote how important their health is by starting with the most essential part — oral health.


dental careFor information technology experts, suffering from an unhealthy dental health problems can lead to a very bad output in work as well. Imagine how annoying it can be to work with your tooth aching. It just consumes the body that you can no longer concentrate on the programs that you need to make. You can no longer focus to calculate the algorithms and binaries on your programming language. You will not have the time to think any more about Java, PHP, MySQL, Python, C++, wordpress, and other platforms that you usually think that can be easily manipulated.


dental careEverything might become difficult to deal with. You can hardly talk to the people around you especially your colleagues and cannot even manage to sleep well. Every work or task will stagnate just because of this thing that seems to have the least importance in our health. You would also be fortunate if this happens only once. But if ever this happens twice or a whole week, what will happen to you now? Is it not destructive to your health, but to your work and relationship with your friends as well?


This least thought about type of health that we have can actually be the most destructive to our daily routine. Therefore, we should keep in mind at all times to keep our teeth healthy and well maintained to avoid cavities that can cause bad breath but can also cause a damaging career. So, every now and then, remember to give it a priority. You know how bad the consequences can be.

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Take a good look at yourself and imagine how happy life can be with you wearing a big smile on your face? You will not just have a healthy state of mind, but you would also resonate a good vibe to your workplace and even at home. Keeping a healthy lifestyle can also be equated to keeping a good look and physique. So, wouldn’t it be nice to wear your happiness with no hassle, pain and difficulties?

We all need to realize that a regular visit to our dentist is a must. It is advisable to see our dentist every after three to six months. To see our dentist is not just for our teeth’s physical appearance but also, for our own benefit of maintaining a healthy teeth and gums and affordable dental implants in Dublin. To see a dentist is to help sustain a just future.


Benefits You Can Get From Visiting Your Dentist Regularly

While many people avoid visiting their dentist for a lot of reasons such as fear, laziness, cost, or no current teeth problems, it is still something that all of us should do at least two times a year and certainly with a good reason. As a matter of fact, dental visits in a regular manner are just as vital as flossing and brushing your teeth every day, which both of them are best strategies to keep your teeth healthy.


According to ADA or American Dental Association, the largest and oldest dental society in the whole world, most individuals lost their teeth at the age of 40, way back in 1859, the time the organization held their first meeting. By the time the group started to operate, many things have changed in the dentistry field. However, one mere fact that has remained constant and will forever be important to all of us is the regular visit to your dentist as it is an essential part of your good oral hygiene. Regularly visiting your dentist is considered the best strategy to keep your teeth healthy for a wide variety of reasons. In this article, you will learn some of the reasons why regular visit to your dentist is necessary.

1. Prevent cavities

Your teeth can build up the whitish film that is called plaque, which can eventually result to tooth decay. Its acidic substance can eat away the enamel of your tooth and can lead to cavities if left unattended. Plaque cannot be removed completely by daily flossing or brushing alone, which is why a regular visit to your dentist is necessary so they can give your teeth a thorough cleaning.

2. Complete Plaque Removal

Even though you floss your teeth once a day or brush your teeth at least twice a day, you can still be able to benefit from a professional dental cleaning at least once to twice a year. Even though you brush your teeth properly or floss on a daily basis, it’s still possible for your teeth to have a plaque build-up most especially in the spaces between your teeth, making it imperative to have a regular dental visit. If the plaque is left untreated on your teeth for a long period of time, it will harden and turn into a tartar, which is a substance that can’t be removed by simple flossing and brushing alone. A regular visit to your dentist is important since he has the special tools and equipment needed to properly remove plaque build-up – a task that is often done during semi-annual visits to your dentist. This process is also known as scaling and is considered an important part of preventing cavities as well as any other form of gum diseases.

3. Stop Tooth Loss

Gum diseases usually start from untreated plaque build-up and it can be the primary reason of tooth loss in adults. Plaque can move further down the tooth as gum disease advances, destroying your jaw’s supporting bone, loosening your teeth and leading them to eventually fall out. Fortunately, you can greatly reduce your chances of experiencing this through regular visits to your dentist and have regular dental cleanings together with good and proper oral hygiene habits.

4. Create a Brighter Smile

Drinking wine, tea and coffee, or even using tobacco and cigarette can actually stain your teeth. Luckily, a regular dental cleaning session can remove stain build-up, enabling you to have freshly polished teeth so you can confidently wear much brighter and whiter smile.

After cleaning your teeth thoroughly, your dentist will use a special paste that has a gritty texture in order to polish your teeth and make it appear whiter. This is because this process can minimize the appearance of stains on the surface of your teeth, which can eventually result to a brighter and whiter looking smile. If you’re in need of restorations on your teeth such as affordable dental implants in Dublin, having them completed can extremely enhance your smile’s natural beauty, especially if they are placed in the front area of your mouth. You can discuss teeth whitening processes as well as other cosmetic options with your dentist during your visit most especially if your teeth are stained too much due to free radicals.

5. Keep Your Breath Fresh

Proper and regular oral hygiene is certainly the best way to avoid bad bread and prevent it from coming back. Even if you floss or brush regularly, getting a regular teeth cleaning is surely a great way in keeping your mouth odor-free and healthy at all times.